Mango Mania !

Friday, July 31, 2009

Did you know that mango's are in season now! If you are following this blog, you should always eat the freshest fruits that are in season. Mango's are a great source of fiber ,1 cup equals , 3 grams of fiber.Pears are also a wonderful source of fiber, 5 grams ! Here is something I like to make for the 2 of us.
Mango Parfait
2 Large ripe mango's,peeled,pitted and cubed
3 Cups low fat vanilla yogurt
6 Tablespoons low fat granola

Layer all ingredients equally in 4 clear cups (mango 1st, then yogurt, top with granola) sprinkle some cinnamon on top, sit back and enjoy :)


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

For this recipe I use mashed or diced mango's, but you can substitute the fruit with almost anything you might have on hand. First Pre-heat oven to 400F ,

2 large or 3 medium eggs ,1/2 cups low-fat or vanilla soy milk milk 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract,1 tsp. raw sugar,4 slices of whole wheat bread.Beat together eggs, milk, vanilla and sugar. Dip each side of bread in this mixture, then leave bread to soak up remaining milk while you prepare your topping.

Topping:1 slice of bread , 1/4 cup Chopped macadamia nuts, 2 TBL. raw sugar.

Process bread, nuts and sugar in small bowl of food processor or blender.

Assemble: 2 TBL. Melted unsalted butter, 1 1/2 tsp. raw sugar,

Butter a small baking dish. Lay 2 slices of soaked bread on the bottom. Top with mango or your choice of sliced fruit. Sprinkle fruit with 1 tsp. of raw sugar. Top with second slice of bread. Liberally sprinkle bread-nut topping, then drizzle with melted butter.

Bake in pre-heated oven for 5 minutes, then turn oven down to 325F (for another 25 minutes). If top starts to brown to quickly, cover with foil to protect crust.

Enjoy !

Fresh Fruit Kabobs w/ yummy Lime Dressing

For kabobs:
1 large pink grapefruit, peeled, cut in segments (pith and seeds removed)
2 oranges, peeled, cut in segments (pith and seeds removed)
8 fresh pineapple pieces
8 large strawberries, rinsed
2 Tbs. fresh-squeezed lime juice
2 tsp. fresh grated lime peel

For salad and dressing:
2/3 cup sour cream or plain yogurt
4 Tbsp fresh-squeezed lime juice
2 tsp. fresh grated lime peel
3 Tbs. sugar
6 cups baby lettuce greens

To make fruit kabobs, toss fruit pieces with lime juice and peel.
Thread fruit pieces in the following order on each of eight 6-inch wooden skewers: grapefruit, orange, strawberry, pineapple.
Make salad dressing by whisking lite sour cream or low fat yogurt with lime juice, lime peel, and a drizzle of honey in bowl.
Reserve half of salad dressing, and toss baby greens with remainder of dressing.
On each of four serving plates, divide dressed greens evenly as bed for 2 skewers per serving.
Drizzle remaining dressing on fruit kabobs and Enjoy !

The 40/30/30 Life

Welcome, My diet is all about cooking fresh, right in your own home, with carefully balanced 40/30/30/nutrition and calorie – conscious recipes. I am going to share some my own mouthwatering recipes to help you get there, and save your family’s health. Once you try my diet, you will know what it means to eat well and be well. Cooking Fresh for a better you is all about getting your energy back. …. First and foremost, forget the term diet. Why you ask, because diets fail. This will be a way of life. There’s no regimen calling for low fats, low carbs, low calories or any other form of rigid deprivation. Those programs are bound to fail because they ignore the fundamentals basis of losing excess weight and keeping it off for good. Also, there are no magic pills or energy drinks, or diet drugs that will ever truly work for the long run.The core component of this program is balanced nutrition. The goal is to stay close to 40/30/30. Food selections and meal selections can be within the following ranges:
Carbohydrate 35% - 40 - 50% calories
Protein 25% - 30 - 35% calories
Fat 20% - 30 - 35% calories .

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